Search engine of the month
Silobreaker is a new kind of news aggregator. It allows to make researches in the current news, offering the possibility to consult all topics related to people, places, companies or topics discussed.
Thus Silobreaker has the capability when you made a research, about the Olympic Games for example, to list all the cities, but also the athletes or press releases from the IOC. Additionally, it has an impressive relational mapping system of these sources, allowing for a given article to know all the topics, writers or places related to its thematic.
March 2008
Born in 2000, this search engine belong to the Exalead company, specialized in tools and search solutions. This well maintained and updated search engine is characterized by a clear interface offering many features, including the ability to manage favorite searches, show previews of the sites in the search results, and filter the searches by type of file, format or support (RSS, Videos, Music).

This company and its site innovates regularly. A blog about the new projects of the company currently presents one of the latest project of Exaled in Beta: Baagz, which goal is to provide an online bag or suitcase, where the users can, in an ergonomic and simple way, store researches and share all type of files.
April 2008
Chacha is a collaborative engine, in which is not a program but people who help you find the answers to your questions and your search results. A search engine alive and supported by more than 30,000 participant from around the world, who intervene to respond to the results.

An original way to achieve relevant results to a given search and make them available to all users who have the same or similar researches or questions. Chacha characterized for its mobile phone availability, which makes it an assistant accessible at any time. The goal of the search engine is to provide fewer but much more relevants results.
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